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Solemn Star

by timetables

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Written and performed by Timetables.


released April 18, 2012

Timetables is Patrick Conway (guitar) and Christopher Gilbert (piano, vocals, bass).
Produced and recorded by Christopher Gilbert.

Cover artwork by Robin Coe (robinecoe.tumblr.com)



all rights reserved


timetables Chicago, Illinois

// time traveling mystics with the power to summon Nick Drake's ghost to deliver you those magic mushrooms you asked for

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Track Name: Solemn Star
Sun casting light out by the stairs
I fill my lungs up with the cold, cold air
It's clinging fast to window panes
I turn again and find my shadow's not the same

Day's done now
These too will fade

And when it sets one solemn star
will guide my keys into a freezing car
Wind from the north came howling in
I get this feeling closing doors erasing names

Day's done now
These too will fade

Soon they'll have you tracing lines that never end
I have come to turn away from my old friends
Just take the carefulness bottled up as such
To keep my thoughts away so I won't have to think so much
Track Name: Down Primrose Lane
No sense to wait
though it might come back another day

That I can't tell
Don't make me sad to resign myself

Now I know what you are

Those parting words
All I said and all I've heard

Pale memory
Come around again to cripple me

Now I know what you are

Down Primrose Lane we'll go