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White Shores​/​Green Meadows

by timetables

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Arnaud Ragon
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Arnaud Ragon My favorite discovery these last months. When I told them they were bringing 'Bark psychosis' spirit back to life they answered "Who ?" :) I'm looking forward to work for them.
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All songs written, performed, and recorded by Timetables unless otherwise noted.

"Bette Davis Eyes" written by Donna Weiss and Jackie DeShannon and based on an arrangement by Val Garay and Kim Carnes.


released December 21, 2012

Personnel: Patrick Conway (guitars), Christopher Gilbert (piano, vocals, double bass on tracks 1, 2, 5, and 9), and Martin Stonikas (double bass).

Produced and recorded by Christopher Gilbert.



all rights reserved


timetables Chicago, Illinois

// time traveling mystics with the power to summon Nick Drake's ghost to deliver you those magic mushrooms you asked for

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Track Name: Solemn Star
Sun casting light out by the stairs
I fill my lungs up with the cold, cold air
It's clinging fast to window panes
I turn again and find my shadow's not the same

Day's done now
These too will fade

And when it sets one solemn star
will guide my keys into a freezing car
Wind from the north came howling in
I get this feeling closing doors erasing names

Day's done now
These too will fade

Soon they'll have you tracing lines that never end
I have come to turn away from my old friends
Just take the carefulness bottled up as such
To keep my thoughts away so I won't have to think so much
Track Name: Down Primrose Lane
No sense to wait
though it might come back another day

That I can't tell
Don't make me sad to resign myself

Now I know what you are

Those parting words
All I said and all I've heard

Pale memory
Come around again to cripple me

Now I know what you are

Down Primrose Lane we'll go
Track Name: Sunday Rain
You came so strange
like you were washed in with the Sunday rain

There was a man
with the most peculiar temperament

So I held your hand
and led you fast away from him

You've lonely eyes you know
You took your time so slow
and I don't mind, I don't know
Why you just won't seem to let go

Those words on you
made me think I was into something new

But you're alright
'cause some loneliness still makes you cry

You gave me things
but you couldn't know what's happening
behind these

Lonely eyes of mine
I took my time so slow
and I don't mind, I don't know
Why you just won't do what you're told
Track Name: Wanderlust
Innocence has left me
Now I don't
talk anymore

Something in their eyes
and I know
I've been here before

You'll never have to worry
Never wander anywhere

I feel it's been a long time
Such a long time I knew before
Since I felt like that

Now you long to dream
of the light
that you knew

Steel yourself this day
for the clouds
have kept it from view
Track Name: Interlude
Before I ever met you
I didn't know
I didn't know
But where you go I'll follow, each and every night

Hide me safe and keep me
All my thoughts in darkness, down where they belong

Leave me now to dreaming
I don't mind
I don't mind
'Cause I'll be 'round again soon
Anytime you like

Yes I'll be 'round again soon
I'll be home at last
Track Name: You Never Have To
You try for a little to forget you don't need anyone
and come down a little when they tell you now that you're no fun

I don't wanna end up like this; that's not me
Every part is moving your thoughts but I don't see it
When every little one seems to stop it starts
You don't really want to be anyone

You wait for a sign I'm the only one that you love best
But nothing we've done could make you feel that any less

You're worried now but there's no use changing anyway
Now that you stopped coming around here but that's OK

When every little one seems to stop it starts
You don't really want to

I try for a little to forget I don't need anyone
and calm down a little when they tell me now that I'm no fun

'Cause I don't wanna end up like this; that's not me
Every part is moving your thoughts but I don't see it
When every little one seems to stop it starts
You don't really want to

You never have to
Track Name: Signals
Another day has come and gone
The lights will flee before too long
'Cause they don't want to know the truth
Like me and you

Lonely winter's come again
Colder weather makes things slow to mend
Maybe I'm a little sick
This won't be quick to pass

I don't notice
The warning's come at last
When no one wants you
You'll get by somehow

I watch the smoke rise from the roofs
A distant signal can't renew
The blackened soot on every street
Doesn't mean anything

When every movement makes you scared
In going nowhere you can't disappear
What you did to feel so low
But you should not go down with me
Track Name: White Shores/Green Meadows
In my dream last night
you asked to hold my hand

I guess I should have known
what you would think, oh, what could I say?
I don't know

Now you find me here
stumbling back down the stairwell

'Cause if I'm drunk enough
I know I won't care; I won't have to care

Every time you called
She wouldn't come around
Well, maybe sometimes

White shores and green meadows
are waiting you say but

In your heart of hearts
you know it's too good to ever come true

Just like you